Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brian Crecente : Leigh Alexander "Too Hot" To Be Video Game Journo

Brian Crecente, Editor in Chief of Kotaku, shook the gaming world to it's core today when he met with the press to announce that he believes that Leigh Alexander - News Director for Gamasutra, owner of Sexyvideogameland - (pictured, left), is "too hot" to continue being a video game journalist.

Mr. Crecente went on to say that he believes that Ms. Alexander should go into "acting or modeling or something" seeing as she's "so damn pretty." Mr. Crecente said that as long as she continued to write what he admitted were "some of the most awesome video game articles on the internet," he would see to it that the readers of Kotaku would be subjected to a barrage of anti-Leigh adverts on the well known blog site.

When asked if it would be a conflict that Ms. Alexander was a monthly columnist on the website that he edits, Crecente smiled his brilliant smile (pictured, right) until the report was too counfounded to remember what, exactly, she had asked.

Our own reporter who attended the press conference asked if there was perhaps any jealousy in reason for this press conference. A fantastic question, as Crecente is considered one of the hotter video game journalists out there.

Mr. Crecente simply replied that "the fact that she is prettier than me has nothing to do with anything." He then purred seductively, leading to our reporter being hospitalized. He is currently being treated for level seven erotic fantasies of Crecente. Rest assured we have had the best specialist in Erotic Fantasies of Crecente flown in to help him back onto his feet.

With that done, Crecente reiterated that Ms. Alexander should not be in journalism, but in a field where her hotness would be more suitable. He then blew a kiss to the crowd, causing several members of the gathered press to faint momentarily.

Another of our reporters approached Ian Bogost (left), well known industry man and owner of Bogost.Com, for comment on Crecentes moves. However, all our reporter came back with was "I kind of dozed off, sorry. He was lecturing me about... something." Said reporter is no longer on staff.

Finally, we went to Ms. Alexander, for comment. This resulted in the third loss of a reporter this week, when our man melted once he was in her presence.

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